"It’s not the decision that makes you,

it’s what you do next that defines you."

Phil Sealy

Change your business for the better!

It's so easy to stick to what we know best and sit within our comfort zones because it's familiar and we know it works.  The thought of learning something new and expanding your skills may seem daunting to some, but even the best leaders can learn a thing or two about how to be more effective and get the satisfaction that goes with success.

Professionals who are highly qualified and experienced may be good at what they do, but may not be effectively using their talents to achieve more success or experience the satisfaction that goes with being successful.

Business owners may not realise their true potential to take their business to the next level or know where to even start to move their business in the direction they would like to take it.

Even your current position in life, such as relationships and well-being, can be improved with a little help from coaches and mentors to guide you through making changes to your personal, business, and professional life.  Every aspect of your life will impact the other either directly or indirectly, and making positive changes in your life will lead to positive outcomes.

We are so confident that we can make a difference that we offer a 100% money back guarantee and we will even let you keep everything we have provided you if you can't see any positive changes to your life after working with us. Why not get started and take advantage of our 100% risk-free option to start your transformation and make the change you deserve and desire.  Sign up now for your free Gift with no obligations and start your journey to success!


Who Are We?

Pro Leaders Academy (referred to as ‘PLA’) is a consultancy organisation specialising in accredited and non-accredited training and assessment. Our training and facilitation focus is across the public, non-public, and community sectors, with an emphasis on management, project management, procurement, contract management, governance, and strategic development. We offer the most qualified consultants who are highly experienced in their field as well as facilitators who are excellent in adult learning.


Why Pro Leaders Academy (PLA)?

We are committed to work collaboratively and productively to design, develop and deliver quality, targeted learning programs for arts organisations through facilitation and participation. Our programs are praised for their practical and realistic focus as we allow organisations of differing size and experiences to share and learn from each other as part of their training. By sharing their experiences and learnings, a smaller organisation is able to quickly grasp the situational challenges that a larger organisation may face and vice versa.